COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 - Protocols and Guidelines

Tennis Ireland has issued updated Return to Play Protocols for Tennis Clubs, Coaches and Players that will come into effect from 20th September, 2021.

All members are required to familiarise themselves with these protocols and comply with them at all times whilst in the club.

Our court-booking system has been introduced for all members wishing to book a court or register for club events. You will be required to digitally sign a form indicating that you will abide by all the procedures and guidelines as set out above before being granted access to the court booking system.

Our official COVID-19 Officer is Barbara Mahon. If you have any queries about the COVID-19 measures set out above or any other concerns relating to COVID-19 and Bective Tennis, please do not hesitate to contact Barbara by email or by text on 087 965 6561.

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